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Tami Ann Peddigree
Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor and CEO of Drum-Late`

Hi! My name is Tami Peddigree.  I am  42 years young, a personal trainer and career driven women who's MISSION is to help change the lives of many.  At the age of 35 I weighed 320 pounds and could barley get out of bed.  I was too young to be this unhealthy.  After a frightening medical scare, I knew it was a sign I needed to change my life. Fast forward 6 years later, I went from a size 24-26 to a (PERFECT SIZE FOR ME) 12-14. Losing over 120 pounds just by LIVE group fitness programs and eating healthy REAL foods.  My true mission is to help get people of all shapes and sizes to live a happier healthier life! Join my mission today.  

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